Dempsey Brewer for North Carolina Senate District 31

I Believe in:

Christian, Conservative & Constitutional Principles

A Simple, Streamlined & Supportive Government

NC must provide the environment and wise incentives to promote job growth and ensure personal opportunity to the masses and not a select few.



Who is Dempsey Brewer?

Dempsey, a Licensed Professional Engineer, resides in East Bend with his beautiful and talented wife, Pat. She is a former teacher & curriculum/testing coordinator.

They have 3 grown sons, and are proud grandparents. They both are active members and Sunday School teachers at Richmond Hill Baptist Church.

They both retired and started a small business called Brewer Testing Services. They provide services to private and homeschool families across the US, and especially cater to the needs of US military and missionary families who are responsible for educating their children overseas. Dempsey also works as an Engineering Consultant.

Dempsey was born the eldest of seven children in Forsyth County where he was taught the value of hard work. His father was a knitting machine operator and mechanic at Hanes Hosiery and his mom was a full time homemaker.

His grandfather was a blacksmith at a large farm, now known as Tanglewood Park. Dempsey started doing "public" work at the age of 13 and helped built many of the houses in the Botany Woods development. He also made extra money as a farm hand, mowed yards, and even operated a well drilling machine at times.

Dempsey worked at Hege Construction, Gerber Foods & Food Fair while attending Parkland High School. He worked full time at night to be able to pay tuition and support his family while he attended college.

He worked for every penny of the cost of his college. It took a little longer this way, but he received his bachelor's degree in Engineering and went on to receive a Master's degree in Engineering as well. During the summer he worked two jobs to save for the next school year. Dempsey's previous jobs include: construction laborer, carpenter, electrician, welder, machinist, truck driver, truck loader, and salesman. He took work wherever he could find it.

After graduation, he returned to the area, spending most of his adult life in Yadkin County after buying a small farm in East Bend. He was hired as an entry level engineer at RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. and was continually promoted to their highest level possible-a Senior Principal Engineer. He also held various managerial positions at RJR. He accumulated several patents and successfully helped complete many projects that were considered virtually impossible. He is also an instrument rated private airplane pilot and enjoys flying. Dempsey believes in serving his community.

He has been a volunteer fireman for over 30 years, serving 20 of those years on the Board of Directors as secretary, vice-president and president, and as a line officer. He was part of the team that helped the East Bend VFD reduce homeowners' insurance costs. They earned the highest rating of any fire department in NC without the benefit of either district wide fire hydrants or paid firefighters.

He has taught Sunday School for around 17 years, and is serving as treasurer of his church, Yadkin Baptist Association and Secretary of the Copeland Masonic Lodge # 390. He has served as a church Elder, and twice Past Mastered at Copeland Masonic Lodge. He also delivers Meals on Wheels, has coached basketball, and has helped with Hospice, World Changers, Impact Yadkin and aids his fellow man in many other ways.

Dempsey believes we serve God by serving mankind. Dempsey knows that with God's help anything is possible. He was born to a poor family, though he didn't particularly notice. He knows what it's like to be a single parent due to death of a spouse. He knows what it's like to be homeless due to a house fire. He also knows God provides and yet Dempsey believes he has led a very blessed life.

He has never forgotten what a minister once told him, 'How you respond to adversity will either make you bitter or better'.

Dempsey believes his education, experiences and beliefs make him the most qualified candidate to represent the range of citizens' needs in Yadkin & Forsyth Counties. He believes he can contribute to making life better for North Carolinians.

This is the drive behind his decision to ask for your vote so that he can serve the citizens of the 31st District as their state senator.