Dempsey Brewer for North Carolina Senate District 31

I Believe in:

Christian, Conservative & Constitutional Principles

A Simple, Streamlined & Supportive Government

NC must provide the environment and wise incentives to promote job growth and ensure personal opportunity to the masses and not a select few.



The Short List?

Dempsey proposes a 3S Plan

- Simplify

– Streamline

– Solve problems

(The short list)

Dempsey has heard about simplifying government forever, yet very little happens!

Recent NC income tax changes were a start, but the tax code became even more complicated by expanding the sales tax and other changes. Special interests won again as numerous tax "loopholes" were added.

In essence, taxes were reduced in one area, yet increased in another.

A good simplifying goal would be to cut the number of pages in half! This would be a real improvement, especially if total tax revenue was actually decreased.

Only in government, can a budget "cut" mean more revenue.

North Carolina government has reinvented the wheel many times.

There already existed an organization to grade fire departments in this country, yet NC added funding and personnel to create its own.

Years behind non-governmental business, online services are still lacking.

We don't need Raleigh telling our teachers how to teach, or students how to learn. Common Core should never have been implemented! This is a very good example of if enough people scream, our elected officials will finally listen! It is sad that so much misery and damage was inflicted before our elected officials would listen, including our current State Senator. Even today, only a time-out exists, and only a "committee" has been convened. We must pay good teachers good pay. Teachers and students must have a safe learning environment. Parents must have choices in the education of their children.

Dempsey believes your elected officials should work together to solve problems. He is a conservative and believes in actions, not just words.

We pay taxes to purchase goods and services from the government. Those goods and services must be of high quality and good value.

Whether you drive north or south, the price of gasoline drops at the state line.

Our lawmakers intervened to actually increase gasoline taxes under the disguise of reducing taxes. To add insult to injury, North Carolina has greatly expanded the use of tolls and are spending our tax dollars to make the existing left lane of I-77 a "toll lane". Imagine that! North Carolina was once known as "the good roads state" and did so with a much lesser tax.

We need both good roads and low cost solutions. Dempsey learned long ago, it is often easy to design "a" solution, but much more work is needed to design a "good" solution.

Our representatives need to actually "represent" those who elect them. We have far too many elected officials who have never "punched a time clock", worked at a real job, or ever had to struggle to support their family. Many are completely out of touch with most families in North Carolina! The members of both NC houses need to listen to those they represent. If elected, Dempsey will listen.

It also helps if our representatives are "representative" of the general population. It can be difficult to understand the needs of farmers if you have never farmed. The same is true for the factory worker, truck driver, store clerk, teacher, or student. Dempsey has hard earned experience in all of these areas and more.