Dempsey Brewer for North Carolina Senate District 31

I Believe in:

Christian, Conservative & Constitutional Principles

A Simple, Streamlined & Supportive Government

NC must provide the environment and wise incentives to promote job growth and ensure personal opportunity to the masses and not a select few.



We Need Real Change!

Rumors of tax cuts heard and found to be true in some cases, but OTHER taxes always seem to appear!

Reduced income tax but reduced deductions causing many to owe taxes!

Expanded sales taxes with even more increases in 2016!

We Need Real Progress!

Wish I had a dollar for every time a politician committed to improving schools!

We continue to pay the highest fuel tax of the states surrounding NC and 8th highest in the Nation!

We Need Real Fairness!

Tax exemptions benefiting the large corporations at the expense of the small business!

Deductions for filming and "selected" industries but at the expense of working and retired families.