Dempsey Brewer for North Carolina Senate District 31

I Believe in:

Christian, Conservative & Constitutional Principles

A Simple, Streamlined & Supportive Government

NC must provide the environment and wise incentives to promote job growth and ensure personal opportunity to the masses and not a select few.



All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing!

Edmund Burke (January 12, 1729 – July 9, 1797) was an Irish political philosopher,

Whig politician and statesman who is often regarded as the father of modern conservatism.



www.vocabulary.com defines an illusion as something that isn't real. It may look real, but it's actually fake — just a crafty construction or fantasy. Like the old rabbit-out-of-the-hat trick practiced by magicians around the globe. David Copperfield is a well-known illusionist and he is good. But there are some real good ones who are also known as politicians. Please note, I am grateful that with Raleigh has made progress the last few years in many areas. The elections of 2010 led to Republican control of both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly for the first time since 1896. In 2012, we added a Republican Governor and a Lieutenant Governor. I know it takes time to fix problems; and the bigger the ship, the harder it is to turn. No more illusions. Our elected officials need to realize the citizens of North Carolina mean business, or as Larry the Cable Guy, says "Git-R-Done"!


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Brewer for NC Senate